• The long experience of PANALEX Srl in panels and special coatings for formwork, scaffolding, vehicle and outfitting applications is based on a passion that began over 30 years ago.

    Since that time PANALEX Srl has managed to establish itself on the market with special panels and innovative services that are both unique and specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers in the construction sector (construction companies and their suppliers, e.g. distributors of building materials and of construction machinery, distributors of timber, flooring installers, bar benders etc.) and in the formwork and vehicle industries.

    With special panel cutting on modern CNC pantographs, the renovation of formwork systems and the production of reinforcement systems for ferro-concrete construction, PANALEX Srl can solve the problems related to ferro-concrete casting and the coating of structures and vehicles.

    PANALEX Srl products also include 3-layer panels and beams for formwork, multilayer panels both for the construction industry and for producers of formwork systems and the vehicle industry as well as for carpentry, spacers, reinforcement and formwork systems, special solutions for exposed concrete and white tanks, casting accessories and many more.

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